As I just posted my inspiration page this week I said "can you have enough places to display beautiful photos?" Well, I still think the answer is no =) VSCO came out with the amazing . I tell you folks this company sure knows whats up. They continue to inspire me to think outside the box and to love the life I am living by capturing all it's moments with my phone. You can find my grid .

Ok, so this stuff is wonderful. I had been a fan of  for a long time. I used it often on my long hair until I turned it around and read the ingredients. I decided I needed the pure stuff and ordered some from . I have not regretted it. I use it on my hair as before, but I am also now using it as my face moisturizer following my . It has made my face so soft and I feel it glows more. According to Josie's website:

100% Pure Organic Argan Oil:

  • rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids
  • softens dry skin
  • helps minimize fine lines
  • softens cuticles
  • treats split ends
  • gives skin a fresh, youthful look
  • safe enough to use on a baby
I think I'll stick to this stuff because 1) It works 2) It's pure and not loaded with a bunch of crappy ingredients! 
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Just a photo walk in , Tennessee's oldest city. 

James and I explored our garden center this weekend. Every day I fall more in love with this man.

and... from the iphone 

Can you have enough places to display beautiful photos? I think not. I love my

+ Window textures
+ Let's go explore
+ Date night in
+ Sleep
+ cold brewed coffee
+ Guest bed
+ Best friend hand holding
+ Gluten free coffee cake
+ Rose

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